Simple tips for creating smart wedding decoration

Every body want to be best wedding moment in their life. now, according many article wich available in many site and magazine i have concluded it for some indicators below:
  1. we have to know the main elements in the hall like the tissues including drapes, flowers and lighting. for fabric you can choose the simply one, i hope you can use bright color like the red, pink, orange ore yellow. its best bright color. for flower you can usen confront with your favorite but the trend of them are rose and lilies. use the romantic color and soft lighting it looking so beautifull and elegant.

  2. making enjoy guests by original table it is mean not too busy arrange. For tablecloths and napkins, choose the bright color to create a friendly atmosphere familiar and stiil romantic.

  3. The last point that should not be overlooked: the accessories. The main accessories are candleholders, vases on the tables, menus, door-names. They are essential but do not overload the table with too many accessories. Choose the simple and not too crowded, to contrast with the water and objects.