Unique Summer Wedding Decorations Customes

summer wedding bouquet decorationsTrees can be rented or wires can be strung across yards so that the drape looks like its floating. Drapes aren't just for indoor weddings, or for churches, you can use them practically everywhere and if you're worried about not having anything to support the fabric outdoors, you can easily find props that will help you out. Here are some simple decoration ideas for a summer wedding.

summer table decorationsThere will be just as many things to plan as there would've been in winter so while you have excellent and dependable weather conditions for your wedding day you still have to pick out a dress, have it fitted, find a caterer and decide on a wedding theme and find decorations to match. Summer may be the popular season for weddings but just because the weather is nice doesn't mean that planning a wedding will be easy.

summer wedding receptions decorationIt's a good way to minimize your expenditure on flowers. You can use things like pot Pori and combine it with candles. It comes in a huge color range so finding something that fits with your theme will never be problem.

summer wedding candleConfetti You'd be surprised to know how much variety there is in confetti and you can use it to decorate just about anything, especially if you're on a budget. You could build a small stage with steps for where the couple can get married and line it with candles. Candles Summer weddings usually mean longer days where you can enjoy more sunlight but candles can still be used to decorate tables or outline the aisle.

summer wedding chairs and table decorationsThe bouquet has a huge variety of fresh fruit like chocolate covered strawberries, juicy orange slices, mango and much more. It's best to use fake fruit for this but for table centerpieces use real fruit arrangements like the Fruit Fiesta Dipped Strawberries & Pineapple bouquet. Summer Fruits, like flowers, gives a fresh look to everything and the two can easily be combined to create excellent center pieces, bouquets for the bride or bridesmaids and bouquets to mark the end of the rows. Fruit can work as a great decoration and it can also be part of the reception menu.