succesing your wedding by creative designing

One of way to get succesfull a wedding decoration depending a combination of decoration wedding style, now want to share how to make best wedding decoration.
  1. selecting the decoration style
  2. we must confrom the color decoration styele including the cloth colors
  3. if we have inviting guets we can decide on the decorations for wedding tables while taking the wedding venue into consideration
the picture below will explain the ideal style of wedding decorations:

these the summer style we must confront the moment by seasion today. bright color give a big sense of romantic wedding moment, the style has give us how to minimazing the cost of our money. we can found it in that picture, designer decided table style to minimazing the cost. at the last picture the candles maked cheaper than flowers arrangments. we know how many expensive making wedding party but by a creative designer we can make it cheaper. the importen one are how to make the party always looking elegant.