wedding day classificated in two options. there is outdoor and indoor wedding day, Outdoor wedding day has natural charm impression, it has amazing easthetic experience from nature. but, outdoor wedding usally do in summer, becouse it is not easy to organizing outdoor wedding party. outdoor party depending weather factors and place conditons. we will get a big sense of outdoor wedding when it had been operated in beach. outdoor wedding decoration is easier than in indoor, it is more simple and natural.

Indoor wedding day depending how many cost we have prepare, because it needs more infrastructure than outdoor. we will see the fairy light indoor wedding day is most important,  it has total peace of mind with low voltage indoor fairy lights. For indoor wedding lights we have white, white and more white lights to give your special day a little glamour. fairy lights for floral decorations to net lights to give a shimmering ceiling of light for your marquee, Lights fun have all the indoor wedding lights you’ll need.

these picture galleries of out and indoor party. if you have best tips about wedding decoration or elegan pictures about it, le's share with me, i am always waiting for email or your best comment.