Wedding decorations Ideas

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traditional wedding decorations

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indian traditional wedding decorations

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modern wedding decorations

modern wedding decorations

Beautiful decor, the guests will be fascinated

Decoration is the most important element in marriage. luxury decor simple and has its own meaning in a marriage.

marriage is the desire of each person and they want the wedding party festive and full of impression. Decorations for wedding, table, bridal chamber, and the bridal car. Not to forget, decorations in places of worship.

There are two types of decorative: indoor and outdoor. decor also reflects the identity of the real you. Simple or luxurious, classic or modern. You and your partner will feel proud if your wedding decorations membuar amazed the guests present. therefore tried to show the bride wedding decorations as possible, especially since marriage is a thing that will not happen a second time.

Traditional, International, or a combination of both?

If previously dominated decor with traditional style, then in the present international force into the new trend. In fact, since 2000 until now, the combination of traditional and international began many couples choose to be married. According to the experts decorasi, selected decorations bride tends to blend the traditional with the international. The combination of international, traditional and can be seen in terms of character, texture, type of carving our clients requested.

currently more brides choose a mix-style decor, traditional and modern. Decorations that many elected a modification of traditional decor. They wanted a modern style decor, but still maintaining its traditional elements.

Traditional decorations using traditional clothing of each place, while the international decor, more likely to use the concept of classical European and more like a form of castle. For Russian-style decor, Renaissance decor is more widely used. Model flats and maroon color is typical of Russian-style decor. Meanwhile, if using Greek-style decor, very much using the pillars. Broken colors white and gold dominate the decor of this style.

decorating costs by the number of flowers and plants use other. of course, the flower is one of the items or materials that are important in a wedding decoration. plus more types of flowers used, imported or local. Lily flowers and roses are flowers that are often used in a decoration. Flowers are usually imported from the Netherlands. Imported flowers are usually larger than the shape of local interest. Especially for imported roses, fragrant aroma and lasting up to one week if it was plucked from the tree. While local rose from Bandung, Cipanas, and Malang, not fragrant aroma of imports and bear only 2-3 days.

Durations of Work Decoration

Time spent in making a wedding decorations hanging from the dimensions of the room, the model or the number of items used and loading dock access. If the distance between the room for the wedding with freight car door decoration materials far enough, then the time should be taken into account. if apalgi owned warehouse decor vendor situated in the suburbs.
time used to prepare a decorative range 3 hours - 12 hours. But, can also achieve up to a week. Especially when decorating the bride has requested a high level of difficulty to be made gradually. if the wedding was held in a hotel or convention hall, prospective bride must pay the rent the room for a week, so that the expected decorations bride perfectly manifested.